Month: March 2021


News Leader on QI

In a recent article, Virginia’s News Leader digs deep on the future of qualified immunity (QI), policing in America. The article explores relevant topics such as police accountability. And it discusses the qualified immunity doctrine.


CTEQI Partners for HB 4

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield and coalition partner Mark Holden from Americans for Prosperity recently contributed the op-ed to the Santa Fe New Mexican.


ACLU Speaks Out Against QI

The ACLU speaks out against qualified immunity (QI.) The renowned civil liberties organization is putting pressure on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. They want the court to reconsider its decision to grant QI to the officers involved in Gabriel Olivas’ death.


QI on the Campaign Trail: VA

Democratic candidates in VA seek the party’s nomination for governor. Four candidates participated in a virtual debate on Tuesday night, reports the Patch.


Add Passion and Stir with Ben & Jerry

Campaign To End Qualified Immunity Co-Chairs Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield recently appeared on the Add Passion and Stir podcast. On the show, they discuss their commitment to ending qualified immunity.


New Mexico Closer to Ending QI

New Mexico moves closer to ending qualified immunity (qi.) Late on Wednesday night, the House and Senate both approved the HB 4 and sent it to the governor’s desk.


Letters to the Editor Roundup

Here is this month’s letters to the editor (LTE) round-up! From Maine to Arizona, CTEQI volunteers continue to write and publish impactful LTEs.


CTEQI Partners Op-Ed

Three CTEQI partners recently penned an op-ed for The Hill on ending qualified immunity. The partners include Clark Neily of the Cato Institute, a key coalition partner of the Campaign to End Qualified Immunity (CTEQI).


Texas Cop Claims QI

A bad cop in Texas is trying to use qualified immunity (QI.) This time the victim of excessive force was Neco Bonham, a 20-year-old Black man.


Mother of Elijah McClain on Qualified Immunity

The New York Times recently published a new article on recent developments that suggest the Supreme Court may be open to trimming the qualified immunity doctrine that shields police officers from lawsuits.