NYS Senator Robert Jackson Wants to End QI

New York State (NYS) Senator Robert Jackson wants to end qualified immunity (QI). On May 10, Senator Robert Jackson stopped by WYNC’s The Brian Lehrer Show. He came on the program to discuss S 1991, a police reform bill he’s sponsoring. S 1991 aims to end qualified immunity (QI) in New York State. 

The Campaign to End Qualified Immunity is involved in Sen. Jackson’s efforts to end QI in New York State.

Recently, the New York City Council passed legislation that limits QI in the Big Apple. Now, Sen. Jackson hopes to abolish the doctrine for all bad cops across the Empire State. On the show, Sen. Jackson explains why ending the doctrine is an important step in police reform. 

Sen. Jackson’ told guest host Brigid Bergen that his proposal is “a broadband bill to ensure that people’s rights are not violated under federal law and state law.”  Because qualified immunity shields bad cops from accountability, it’s nearly impossible for victims of police misconduct to sue in civil court. Abolishing QI is the most effective way to hold bad cops accountable. As the lawmaker notes, people have a right to take action when bad cops violate their rights.

He also takes calls from listeners. One of these callers was Darlene McDay. She’s the mother of Dante Taylor, who was the victim of a brutal beating while an inmate in a New York State prison. “Qualified immunity should not exist,” McDay told Brigid Bergen and Sen. Robert Jackson. 

Listen to NYS Senator Robert Jackson discuss ending QI in NYC here.