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Police Liability Insurance and QI

Police liability insurance and qualified immunity (QI) are related subjects. Recently, these topics have generated interest. Particularly in the conversation around police reform.


One year later: George Floyd’s Murder and QI

May 25, 2021, marks the one year anniversary of Floyd’s murder at the hands of ex-cop Derek Chauvin. In the last 12 months, we’ve witnessed a dramatic increase in the nationwide demand for greater police accountability.


WBUR Examines QI

WBUR’s On Point is hosted by Meghna Chakrabarti with producer Anna Baum. The episode on QI is called “How Refroming Qualified Immunity Could Transform Policing in America.” The guests are Joanna Schwartz, Professor of Law at UCLA, and Colorado State Rep. Leslie Herod. In June 2020, Colorado became the first state to end qualified immunity. Rep. Herod was instrumental in making that happen.


NYC Ends QI for police

As The New York Times reports, NYC City Council voted on a large police reform package that ends qualified immunity (QI) as a defense for police officers in local civil lawsuits.


Mother of Elijah McClain on Qualified Immunity

The New York Times recently published a new article on recent developments that suggest the Supreme Court may be open to trimming the qualified immunity doctrine that shields police officers from lawsuits.


Latest QI News

Qualified immunity continues to make news nationwide. Here is the latest roundup.


Colorado Ends Qualified Immunity, Makes History

In a landmark move, Colorado became the first state in the union to strike down qualified immunity.