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End qualified immunity

CTEQI Year-End Review

CTEQI’s year-end review recaps 10 key milestones and victories in our fight to advance racial justice, strengthen public safety, and protect civil rights.


CTEQI Partners for HB 4

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield and coalition partner Mark Holden from Americans for Prosperity recently contributed the op-ed to the Santa Fe New Mexican.


New Mexico Closer to Ending QI

New Mexico moves closer to ending qualified immunity (qi.) Late on Wednesday night, the House and Senate both approved the HB 4 and sent it to the governor’s desk.


Letters to the Editor Roundup

Here is this month’s letters to the editor (LTE) round-up! From Maine to Arizona, CTEQI volunteers continue to write and publish impactful LTEs.


Ben and Jerry Support HB 4

Ben and Jerry continue their national advocacy for qualified immunity with support for HB 4, the New Mexico Civil Rights Act.


Support for HB 4

HB 4, the New Mexico Civil Rights Act, is on its way to the Senate Judiciary Committee, writes the NM Political Report.