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IJ Fights QI in New Hampshire

The Institute for Justice announces that it’s working with New Hampshire lawmakers to draft a 2023 bill to end qualified immunity in the Granite State.

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CTEQI Weekly Wrap-Up: 6/20–6/24

The rogue cop responsible for Patrick Lyoya’s death faces consequences; the ACLU of Vermont tracks problematic policing; the Institute for Justice blasts the Supreme Court; and more!

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CTEQI Weekly Wrap-Up: 6/13–6/17

The Justice Department investigates police misconduct in Louisiana; a rogue Chicago cop faces criminal charges; a constitutional expert takes on qualified immunity; and more!


MD’s Judiciary Committee Hears Arguments in Favor of HB 1012

On March 1, Maryland’s Judiciary Committee heard arguments in favor of HB 1012, the Police Immunity and Accountability Act. Introduced by Delegate Jheanelle Wilkins, this bill aims to end qualified immunity in Maryland.

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CTEQI Weekly Wrap-Up: 1/24–1/28

A mother and activist calls for police accountability; New York State Senator Robert Jackson slams qualified immunity; a major advocacy group endorses Vermont’s public safety bill; and more!

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CTEQI Weekly Wrap-Up: 1/10–1/14

Aloe Blacc slams qualified immunity; Seattle watchdogs expose rogue cops; Oregon policymakers protect the right to protest in Portland; and more!


Priscilla Villareal: A Victory for Accountability

Thanks to the Institute for Justice and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, Texas-based citizen journalist Priscilla Villareal can now sue the corrupt cops who violated her rights. This is a victory for police accountability.


Patrick Jaicomo and Chad Reese Clear the Air on QI

In an op-ed for The Washington Post, the Institute for Justice’s Patrick Jaicomo and Chad Reese address qualified immunity following Virginia’s recent gubernatorial debate, where the doctrine was a topic of discussion. The legal experts feel both candidates “mischaracterized” the court-created rule.


Clarence Thomas Slams QI

Clarence Thomas slams qualified immunity (QI). As Forbes reports, Justice Thomas wants the Supreme Court to “reconsider” QI. Clarence Thomas is a notable critic of the controversial doctrine.


Institute for Justice Writes Op-Ed on QI

On June 24, the Institute for Justice (IJ) published an op-ed in USA Today. The op-ed discusses the compromises in the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act (JPA). Per IJ, a leaked draft of the compromise bill “shows hope” for reforming qualified immunity (QI).