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Priscilla Villareal: A Victory for Accountability

Thanks to the Institute for Justice and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, Texas-based citizen journalist Priscilla Villareal can now sue the corrupt cops who violated her rights. This is a victory for police accountability.


Patrick Jaicomo and Chad Reese Clear the Air on QI

In an op-ed for The Washington Post, the Institute for Justice’s Patrick Jaicomo and Chad Reese address qualified immunity following Virginia’s recent gubernatorial debate, where the doctrine was a topic of discussion. The legal experts feel both candidates “mischaracterized” the court-created rule.


Clarence Thomas Slams QI

Clarence Thomas slams qualified immunity (QI). As Forbes reports, Justice Thomas wants the Supreme Court to “reconsider” QI. Clarence Thomas is a notable critic of the controversial doctrine.


Institute for Justice Writes Op-Ed on QI

On June 24, the Institute for Justice (IJ) published an op-ed in USA Today. The op-ed discusses the compromises in the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act (JPA). Per IJ, a leaked draft of the compromise bill “shows hope” for reforming qualified immunity (QI).


Nonprofits to Congress: End QI

A group of 17 nonprofits, including the Campaign to End Qualified Immunity, wrote an open letter to Congress. This letter demands greater government accountability.


Institute for Justice Pens Op-Ed on QI

On June 9, the Institute for Justice published an op-ed in The Hill on federal police and qualified immunity (QI). Patrick Jaicomo and Anya Bidwell from the Institute for Justice (IJ) penned this piece.


NYT Editorial Board Comes Out Against QI

Leading up to the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s death on May 25, the New York Times Editorial Board calls for an end to the unjust doctrine that shields bad cops from accountability.


CTEQI Coalition Holds Press Conference to End QI

Members of the Campaign to End Qualified Immunity (CTEQI) coalition including Ben Cohen, Jerry Greenfield, Clark Neily, and Jay Schweikert held a press conference to call on Congress to end qualified immunity (QI).


Vietnam Vet Assaulted in VA Hospital Takes His Case to the Supreme Court

In 2016, Jose Oliva, a Vietnam vet and retired law enforcement agent, arrived for a dentist appointment at his local VA hospital.