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States Can End QI

States can and should end qualified immunity, Chris Kemmitt and Georgina Yeomans write in Slate. Kemmett and Yeomans are civil rights attorneys for the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund. The two legal experts are vocal critics of the controversial doctrine.


States Lead the Way on QI Reform

On August 6, USA Today’s Editorial Board published an op-ed. In it, they discuss QI reform. Particularly, state-based efforts to repeal the doctrine.


One year later: George Floyd’s Murder and QI

May 25, 2021, marks the one year anniversary of Floyd’s murder at the hands of ex-cop Derek Chauvin. In the last 12 months, we’ve witnessed a dramatic increase in the nationwide demand for greater police accountability.


No More QI in NM

In a key victory for police accountability, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham signed HB 4 into law on April 7.


SCOTUS Limits QI for Cops

In a recent ruling, the Supreme Court limits the ability for cops to claim qualified immunity (QI). In doing so, the court expanded the ability for victims of police violence to sue, Reuters reports.


CTEQI Partners for HB 4

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield and coalition partner Mark Holden from Americans for Prosperity recently contributed the op-ed to the Santa Fe New Mexican.


New Mexico Closer to Ending QI

New Mexico moves closer to ending qualified immunity (qi.) Late on Wednesday night, the House and Senate both approved the HB 4 and sent it to the governor’s desk.


Ben & Jerry on The Tim Black Show

Campaign to End Qualified Immunity co-chairs Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield recently appeared on The Tim Black Show to discuss qualified immunity


Qualified Immunity: Old News in New Mexico?

HB 4, the New Mexico Civil Rights Act, passed the New Mexico House of Representatives Thursday 39 to 29 after a three-hour debate on the House floor, getting qualified immunity one step closer to being old news in new Mexico.