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End qualified immunity

CTEQI Year-End Review

CTEQI’s year-end review recaps 10 key milestones and victories in our fight to advance racial justice, strengthen public safety, and protect civil rights.


Los Angeles Daily News Op-Ed on QI

The Editorial Board of the Los Angeles Daily News wrote an op-ed on qualified immunity (QI). The op-ed supports Senate Bill 2. This act seeks to end QI for bad cops in the Golden State. SB 2 was introduced by State Senator Steven Bradford. Along with targeting QI, the bill wants to decertify bad cops. SB 2 is a response to the growing calls to eliminate QI, both in California and nationwide. These calls have increased since George Floyd’s death in May 2020.


Ending QI in California

Ending qualified immunity (QI) in California is closer than ever. Ben Cohen, Jerry Greenfield and Julia Yoo, all CTEQI leaders, discuss QI and police accountability in California.