Month: June 2021


Sonia Pruitt Publishes Op-Ed on QI

On June 28, Sonia Pruitt published an op-ed for CNN. In her piece, the former police captain shares her thoughts on qualified immunity (QI). Captain Pruitt says that QI must go.


Ayanna Pressley Fights QI

Ayanna Pressley fights qualified immunity (QI). The Massachusetts congresswoman recently spoke with MSNBC’s Ali Velshi on the need to keep QI reform in the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act (JPA).


Above the Law on Soul of the Nation

On June 24, Ben Cohen promoted his new book, Above the Law, on the Soul of a Nation podcast. Ben and host Rev. Jim Wallis discuss racial, justice, police accountability, and the need to end qualified immunity.


Institute for Justice Writes Op-Ed on QI

On June 24, the Institute for Justice (IJ) published an op-ed in USA Today. The op-ed discusses the compromises in the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act (JPA). Per IJ, a leaked draft of the compromise bill “shows hope” for reforming qualified immunity (QI).


Salt Lake Tribune Op-Ed Calls for QI Reform

A recent op-ed in Utah’s Salt Lake City Tribune calls for qualified immunity (QI) reform. Ethan Dursteler wrote this op-ed.


Vox Poll: Americans Want to End QI

According to a Vox poll, most Americans want to end qualified immunity (QI). Between June 9–11, VOX/Data for Progress conducted a survey. This survey focused on police reform. The data reveals that most Americans support “a more progressive approach” to police reform. This approach includes ending QI.


Nonprofits to Congress: End QI

A group of 17 nonprofits, including the Campaign to End Qualified Immunity, wrote an open letter to Congress. This letter demands greater government accountability.


Judge Grants QI to William Barr

On Monday, June 21, a federal judge granted qualified immunity to former Attorney General William Barr and other officials.


NABCJ Wants to End QI

The National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice (NABCJ) wants to end qualified immunity. As North Carolina’s WRAL notes, the NABCJ ‘s mission is “to achieve equal justice for Black people and other minorities.”


Jamaal Bowman Wants to End QI

New York Rep. Jamaal Bowman wants to end qualified immunity (QI). Congressman Bowman is a rising star in progressive politics.