Jamaal Bowman Wants to End QI

New York Rep. Jamaal Bowman wants to end qualified immunity (QI). Congressman Bowman is a rising star in progressive politics. In a recent article, WVAS profiled the principal-turned-lawmaker. 

As WVAS indicates, Bowman “was one of three younger, Black progressive Democratic lawmakers elected to represent New York in Congress.” (The other two are reps. Ritchie Torres and Mondaire Jones.) These young progressives focus on various social-justice causes. For example, police reform. In the wake of George Floyd’s murder, progressives like Jamaal Bowman demand greater accountability. Thus, Rep. Bowman wants to end QI.

Per WVAS, New York Congressman Bowman is “one of a group of progressives…that signaled to House leadership that eliminating…qualified immunity was a must-have.” Meaning, Rep. Bowman wants to keep the provision to end QI in the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act (JPA). 

Currently, Senate legislators deliberate over the JPA. Specifically, over the measure to repeal QI. As noted above, progressives such as Rep. Bowman know it’s time to end QI. However, conservatives like Tim Scott aren’t on board. So, negotiations have stalled. 

But, when it comes to accountability, New York Congressman Jamaal Bowman won’t back down. 

In their profile, WVAS asked Rep. Bowman about qualified immunity. Specifically, whether the JPA was worth passing without ending QI. 

Jamaal Bowman’s response: “Hell no.” The New York Congressman continued: “Like, if we’re not ending qualified immunity, [the JPA]  has been an exercise in futility.”

Read WVAS’ profile of New York Congressman Bowman here.