Ben & Jerry on The Mehdi Hasan Show

Campaign to End Qualified Immunity co-chairs Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield recently appeared on The Mehdi Hasan Show to discuss qualified immunity and how the Campaign could turn protest into policy.

“We saw all the protests, now is an opportunity to actually make change and to make it stick…There’s lots of activity at the state level, we’re also working at the federal level and what’s interesting about this Campaign to End Qualified Immunity is the broad support that it has. It has cross-ideological support,” said Greenfield.

Since launching last month, The Campaign to End Qualified Immunity has partnered with over 240 members of Congress, as well as hundreds of creative artists, athletes, and business leaders. The Campaign seeks to educate the public by sharing stories of people who have been harmed by public servants and qualified immunity and to build public demand for reform.

“I think that we need to stand up for justice. It’s the responsibility of everybody. It’s not the responsibility of activists, it’s not the responsibility of people working in nonprofits, it’s the responsibility of everyone…When you see injustice you have three choices: you can either ignore it, you can complain about it, or you can do something about it. I feel better doing something about it,” said Cohen.

Watch the full discussion here.