CTEQI Weekly Wrap-Up: 4/17–4/21

Welcome to the weekly update from the Campaign to End Qualified Immunity! Here, we give you a wrap-up of the latest developments and notable news as we continue our state-focused fight to abolish the unjust rule. 

This week, federal lawmakers reintroduce the Ending Qualified Immunity Act; Tyre Nichols’ family sues Memphis; Oklahoma suspends racist law enforcement officials; and more! 


The Root: Rep. Pressley and Sen. Markey Push Bill to End Qualified Immunity

“‘For too long, qualified immunity has prevented accountability and shielded those charged with enforcing the law from any consequences for breaking it,’ said Representative Pressley. ‘Our bill would restore necessary civil rights protections and is essential to providing the families of those abused by law enforcement with the healing they deserve.’”

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Nassau County detectives Robert D. Galgano and Daniel P. Concannon are under investigation—conducted by the state attorney general’s new police misconduct office—for unconstitutionally strip-searching motorist James Jenkins in 2018 and then lying about it under oath. 

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Accountability watchdogs believe the NYPD is refusing to comply with surveillance technology guardrails passed in 2021 with NYC mayor Eric Adams’ introduction of robot police dogs. However, elected officials are already working to introduce a bill that would mandate the adoption of those recommendations. 

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PBS NewsHour: Tyre Nichols’ Family Sues Memphis, Says Police Unit ‘Targeted Young Black Men’

“‘It’s my turn to make sure that my son’s death does not go in vain’ [RowVaughn] Wells said at a news conference Wednesday. ‘This has nothing to do with the monetary value of the lawsuit, but everything to do with accountability. Those five police officers murdered my son. They beat him to death and they need to be held accountable.’”

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NBC News: Oklahoma Sheriff, 2 Staffers Recorded Discussing Lynching Black People Are Suspended from Sheriffs’ Association

“The Oklahoma Sheriffs’ Association suspended the McCurtain County sheriff and two other staffers Tuesday after they were secretly recorded talking about killing reporters and lynching Black residents after a public meeting….Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt called for the trio’s resignations Monday and for County Commissioner Mark Jennings to step down, as well.”

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CNN: What We Know About the Fatal Police Shooting of Jayland Walker as Grand Jury Considers the Case

“Although there will be no state criminal charges for any of the police officers involved in Walker’s death, civil action can still be brought against them, [Ohio Attorney General Dave] Yost said. Of Walker, Yost said: ‘I grieve the loss of this promising young life.’”

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USA Today: How Long Do You Have to Report Police Brutality? Why One Year Is Hardly Enough.

“Standardizing the statute of limitations for police misconduct cases will simply give civil rights laws a chance to work. While Americans deserve comprehensive reform from their elected officials, a law providing victims of police misconduct with the same chance to have a day in court as other people suing under federal law is the least we should do.”

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Detroit Free Press: His Job Was to Keep an Eye Out for Crooked Detroit Cops—But He Was One of Them

“As head of the Integrity Unit, former Detroit Police Lt. John Kennedy was supposed to keep an eye out for bad cops. Turned out, he was one of them. Kennedy…was sentenced Tuesday to 2½ years in federal prison for his role in a bribery scandal involving a towing company that wanted preferential treatment.”

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Huck Magazine: The Film Exposing Decades of Police Brutality

“‘After the uprising in Newark, there was a commission appointed to assess what happened,’ [Sierra] Pettengill tells me over Zoom. ‘The conclusion of that commission was that law enforcement was the main source of violence in Newark. Obviously that’s not surprising, though it’s surprising it’s acknowledged. It also added that we now have two choices—one is to live in reality, the other is to continue down a path of illusion’.”

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