Killer Mike in The Guardian

Michael “Killer Mike” Render calls for an end to qualified immunity (QI) in a recent op-ed in The Guardian. 

The UK-based publication recently printed Killer Mike’s preface to Ben Cohen’s new book, Above the Law: How ‘Qualified Immunity’ Protects Violent Police, as an op-ed. 

“Of all the predatory elements of American policing,” Mike writes, “qualified immunity…is perhaps the single linchpin that holds the entire machine together.”

In his essay, Mike discusses QI’s background. He examines the effect that police violence has had on the Black community. And he talks about the growing calls for accountability in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

Killer Mike also offers an action plan to catalyze change in the fight against qualified immunity.  

“Plot, plan, strategize, organize, and mobilize,” he encourages. “You start by yourself. You plot out what you want to see in the world, you maybe do a little planning by yourself. But then you begin to strategize with the others around you – in your building, on your street, in your office. And then you organize with others. And then, finally, you mobilize together.”

Read the op-ed by Killer Mike in The Guardian here.
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