News Leader on QI

In a recent article, Virginia’s News Leader digs deep on the future of qualified immunity (QI), policing in America. News Leader is a part of the USA Today Network.

The article explores relevant topics such as police accountability. And it discusses the qualified immunity doctrine. 

Per the News Leader, USA TODAY Network reporters spent three months talking to 100 people. These people are invested in building better police forces in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death. Individuals profiled include victims of police misconduct, police reform activists, law enforcement officials, and legislators. 

“Whether they think that police violence is a systemic problem or one of ‘bad apples,’” the article notes, “a number of our 100 voices agreed that measures taken to improve police accountability will have to be part of policing’s future.” 

Among those measures? Ending QI. News Leader expands on QI and the background of how it came to be.

“…the Supreme Court ruled an officer couldn’t be sued unless a plaintiff could expect to convince a jury that excessive violence was used and the officer was aware that he or she was violating standards of police behavior,” the article states. “In other words,” the piece continues, “ignorance of the law is no excuse — except for police. It’s called ‘qualified immunity.’” 

Read the entire article here.