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CTEQI Weekly Wrap-Up: 1/10–1/14

Aloe Blacc slams qualified immunity; Seattle watchdogs expose rogue cops; Oregon policymakers protect the right to protest in Portland; and more!


Aloe Blacc: QI “Tramples” Our Basic Rights

Musician, activist, and CTEQI coalition partner Aloe Blacc slams qualified immunity in a recent USA Today op-ed. The doctrine, he writes, “tramples our basic right to a fair trial” when bad government officials abuse their authority.


Police Liability Insurance and QI

Police liability insurance and qualified immunity (QI) are related subjects. Recently, these topics have generated interest. Particularly in the conversation around police reform.


Campaign To End Qualified Immunity Co-Chair Ben Cohen Authors New Op-Ed on How Ending QI Would Improve Policing

USA Today recently published a new op-ed by Campaign To End Qualified Immunity Co-Chair Ben Cohen on how ending qualified immunity would increase accountability and improve policing in communities across the country.