Campaign To End Qualified Immunity Co-Chair Ben Cohen Authors New Op-Ed on How Ending QI Would Improve Policing

USA Today recently published a new op-ed by Campaign To End Qualified Immunity Co-Chair Ben Cohen on how ending qualified immunity would increase accountability and improve policing in communities across the country. In the new piece, Cohen outlines the dangers of allowing bad cops to abuse their power. 

“Perhaps the most egregious of all protections is qualified immunity. It saves law enforcement officers from lawsuits, some of which stem from excessive force cases that have resulted in brutality or death. Disproportionately, the people cops are brutalizing are people of color,” says Cohen.

Since its inception, the Campaign To End Qualified Immunity has activated a broad coalition of lawmakers, business leaders, creative artists, athletes, advocates and lawyers dedicated to ending the legal doctrine. The Campaign was launched earlier this year with support from rapper and activist Killer Mike, R&B singer Aloe Blacc, and organizer Shaun King along with members of law enforcement and leaders of advocacy groups.

“We want our police to think twice before they beat somebody up or fire their guns. And whenever a cop doesn’t, and his actions result in unlawful damage, we also demand that there are consequences,” says Cohen.

Read the full piece in USA Today here.