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News Digest

CTEQI Weekly Wrap-Up: 7/11–7/15

Jayland Walker’s brutal treatment raises questions about police use of force; leaked records expose a rogue Baltimore cop’s misconduct; Colorado continues to uphold constitutional rights; and more!

News Digest

CTEQI Weekly Wrap-Up: 4/4–4/8

Courts rule in favor of police accountability; Maryland eyes new public safety measures; House reps speak out against qualified immunity; and more!


NYT Features CTEQI

The New York Times features the Campaign to End Qualified Immunity (CTEQI) in a recent article. Specifically, in an article that examines qualified immunity (QI) in the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act (JPA).


NYT Editorial Board Comes Out Against QI

Leading up to the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s death on May 25, the New York Times Editorial Board calls for an end to the unjust doctrine that shields bad cops from accountability.


Letters to the Editor Roundup

Here’s our latest letters to the editor (LTE) roundup. In periodicals from Hawaii’s West Hawaii Today to California’s Taunton Daily Gazette, and The Mercury News to Massachusetts’ Telegram & Gazette, readers nationwide weigh in on qualified immunity (QI).


NYC Ends QI for police

As The New York Times reports, NYC City Council voted on a large police reform package that ends qualified immunity (QI) as a defense for police officers in local civil lawsuits.


New York Times on Qualified Immunity

The New York Times recently published a new article on recent developments that suggest the Supreme Court may be open to trimming the qualified immunity doctrine that shields police officers from lawsuits.


NYT: QI at the Center of Debate Over Policing

The New York Times recently published a piece that explores how qualified immunity has come under renewed scrutiny in the wake of George Floyd’s death.