NYT: QI at the Center of Debate Over Policing

The New York Times recently published a piece that explores how qualified immunity has come under renewed scrutiny in the wake of George Floyd’s death. “Once a little-known rule, qualified immunity has emerged as a flash point in the protests spurred by Mr. Floyd’s killing and galvanized calls for police reform,” the Times reports. 

The article highlights the story of Wayne Jones, a Black man from West Virginia who was killed by police in 2013, and the hurdles his family faces in seeking justice because of qualified immunity. 

Both sides of the debate are also addressed: “Activists have seized on qualified immunity as what they see as one of the biggest problems with policing and argued that it shields officers from being held accountable in cases of misconduct. Police leaders said it was essential for officers’ ability to respond to calls and to make split-second decisions.”

Read the entire article here.