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CTEQI Weekly Wrap-Up: 5/16–5/20

President Biden prepares to issue a police reform executive order; the Players Coalition pens a letter asking New York legislators to end qualified immunity; the ACLU of Vermont reinforces its commitment to police accountability; and more!


Legal Experts: States Can Reform “Dysfunctional” Policing

Legal experts Alexander A. Reinert, Joanna C. Schwartz, and James E. Pfander discuss how states can protect public safety by abolishing qualified immunity. As they write, “Today’s crisis in the criminal legal system…provides an opportunity for a new kind of civil rights federalism—one that begins with state legislative action.”


Ben and Jerry Pen Op-Ed for USA Today

Ben and Jerry pen an op-ed for USA Today. In their piece, the duo addresses our nation’s public safety crisis. Furthermore, they speak about how white people can tackle systemic racism in law enforcement.


JPA Collapses, But Fight to End QI Continues

Efforts to pass the JPA (George Floyd Justice in Policing Act) have officially collapsed, The Washington Post reports. Bipartisan lawmakers failed to reach an agreement. However, the fight to end qualified immunity continues.  


Police Accountability in St. Louis

On September 13, the Pulitzer Center published an article on the deaths of Nicholas Gilbert and Don Ray Clark. Both Gilbert and Clark died under police custody. Both were from St. Louis, Missouri. And both died in ways similar to George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.


Positive Changes in Colorado Policing

Positive changes have taken place in Colorado policing due to SB 217, the Centennial State’s landmark police reform package. In a recent piece, KUNC explores SB 217’s impact.


Good Cop Clears the Air About QI

Good cop Evan Douglas clears the air about qualified immunity. In his op-ed in The Hill, Officer Douglas says repealing the rule will benefit both police and the public.


Legal Scholars Against QI

Legal scholars Brooke Barnett and Lauren Bonds are the latest experts calling out qualified immunity (QI). On August 9, the duo wrote an op-ed on QI for NJ.com.


States Lead the Way on QI Reform

On August 6, USA Today’s Editorial Board published an op-ed. In it, they discuss QI reform. Particularly, state-based efforts to repeal the doctrine.


Bad Cop Runs for Sheriff in Colorado

Last year, bad cop Darian Dasko traumatized Brittany Gilliam and her family. Nevertheless, that’s not preventing Dasko from running for sheriff. Still, there’s one thing this bad cop can’t claim: qualified immunity.