CTEQI Weekly Wrap-Up: 3/20–3/24

Welcome to the weekly update from the Campaign to End Qualified Immunity! Here, we give you a wrap-up of the latest developments and notable news as we continue our state-focused fight to abolish the unjust rule. 

This week, the Virginia cops who killed Irvo Otieno face justice; House Dems double down on police reform; Philadelphia pays out millions to protestors brutalized by police; and more! 


The Washington Post: Video Shows Va. Deputies Pile on Top of Irvo Otieno Before His Death

“‘Let me be clear—mental illness is not a crime. Being a Black man in America is not a crime,’ NAACP chief executive Derrick Johnson said in a statement about the Otieno case, adding, ‘No person should ever face this level of violence from those who are meant to ‘serve and protect’ and treat people facing mental health crises.’”

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“We respectfully call on you to uphold your promise to take police accountability seriously and tackle the N.Y.P.D.’s longstanding culture of impunity.” The Legal Aid Society is urging NYC mayor Eric Adams to take action after revelations emerged that, in 2022, police commissioner Keechant Sewell closed ranks and refused to discipline over 300 officers accused of serious misconduct. 

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For decades, the NYPD has paid out massive settlements due to aggressive policing—the most recent to citizens brutalized during 2020’s George Floyd protests. “It is a disservice to our city and its taxpayers when an agency tasked with protecting them not only violates their rights, but also passes on the cost back to them,” noted local legislator Mandela Barnes.

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The advocacy group Injustice Watch has reviewed a Chicago juvenile jail and revealed abusive behavior by staff against mostly Black teenagers with learning disabilities. “They treat us like dogs,” said one teen.

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The Hill: Bush, Lee Hold Meeting with Democrats, DOJ on Police Reform

“This isn’t about one police officer at a time or one department at a time or one victim of police violence at a time—this is about addressing the system that allows this to keep happening. This will happen again and again until we do that. This kind of violence has been committed with impunity for far too long.”

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The Philadelphia Inquirer: Philadelphia Will Pay $9.25M to Protesters Over Police Use of Tear Gas and Rubber Bullets During 2020 Unrest

“In a settlement order signed Monday by U.S. District Magistrate Judge David R. Strawbridge, the city agreed to pay plaintiffs in four federal civil rights lawsuits, as well as contribute $500,000 to a fund that will provide counseling to victims of police violence and offer community-led programming. That money will be distributed to grassroots organizations via grants through the Bread & Roses Community Fund.”

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CBS News: ​​Memphis Police Lieutenant Who Was on Scene of Tyre Nichols’ Violent Beating Retired with Benefits

“Some Memphis City Council members were upset an officer was allowed to retire before steps could be taken to fire them, including the council’s vice-chairman JB Smiley Jr., who said it didn’t seem fair that the then-unidentified officer could keep pension and other benefits. ‘I just don’t like the fact that [Tyre Nichols’] parents are paying this officer to go on and live and that’s troubling,’ Smiley said.”

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Tennessee Lookout: Tennessee Democrats Demand Release of Children Removed from Black Family After Traffic Stop

“‘It is outrageous that the state forcefully separated Bianca Clayborne, a breastfeeding mother, and Deonte Williams from their kids and have allowed this to continue for nearly a month,’ [state senator Raumesh Akbari] said. ‘The state exercised extreme and flawed judgment in taking their children and it seems they’ve doubled down on this poor decision.’”

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Los Angeles Times: A former NFL Player Died in L.A. County Custody. His Family Alleges Foul Play

“The family of former NFL player Stanley Wilson Jr., who died last month while in Los Angeles County custody after a recent arrest, said the 40-year-old’s death was a result of ‘excessive force’ and ‘deliberate indifference.’”

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