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Letters to the Editor Roundup

Here’s our latest letters to the editor (LTE) roundup. In periodicals from Hawaii’s West Hawaii Today to California’s Taunton Daily Gazette, and The Mercury News to Massachusetts’ Telegram & Gazette, readers nationwide weigh in on qualified immunity (QI).

News Digest

Chauvin Verdict Sparks Nationwide Calls to End QI

Nationwide calls to end qualified immunity (QI) intensify in the wake of Derek Chauvin’s conviction for George Floyd’s murder. Here’s what people around the country, from activists to lawmakers, are saying about police accountability and ending qualified immunity.


Ending QI in WI

Jonathan Brostoff wants to end qualified immunity (QI) in Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin lawmaker recently wrote an op-ed in the Shepherd Express. In his piece, Rep. Brostoff details the various problems with qualified immunity.