Ending QI in WI

Jonathan Brostoff wants to end qualified immunity (QI) in Wisconsin. 

The Wisconsin lawmaker recently wrote an op-ed in the Shepherd Express. In his piece, Rep. Brostoff details the various problems with qualified immunity. He discusses how QI has prevented victims of police misconduct from seeking justice. And he elaborates on how the Supreme Court created the controversial doctrine.

Rep. Brostoff also unveils his plan to end QI in his state. 

As Rep. Brostoff mentions, he and State Senator LaTonya Johnson have introduced a new bill, LRB-1942. This measure was created to put “an end to [the] mistake” that is qualified immunity. 

“The people of Wisconsin deserve public officials who will be fully held to account if they violate the constitutional rights of the people they are sworn to protect and serve,” Rep. Brostoff writes. “[They] deserve an end to qualified immunity in our state.”

Read the entire op-ed here.