Add Passion and Stir with Ben & Jerry

Campaign To End Qualified Immunity Co-Chairs Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield recently appeared on the Add Passion and Stir podcast. On the show, they discuss their commitment to ending qualified immunity.

Ben and Jerry talk with Add Passion and Stir host Billy Shore. They discuss their love of ice cream and social justice. They share their thoughts on values-informed brand-building, as well as their stance on police reform through the Campaign to End Qualified Immunity. 

“We’ve always had a very similar world view, and similar values,” says Greenfield of his partnership with Cohen. “For example, the issue is so clear around police reform and racial justice. Something needs to be done.”

“What we need to seize about this moment is the issue of racial justice,” Cohen says. “The reality is if we are not able to pivot from protest to policy right now, all those protests were for nothing.”

Listen to the Add Passion and Stir podcast here.