QI on the Campaign Trail: VA

QI is a key issue on the campaign trail across the country, and right now in Virginia.

Democratic candidates in VA seek the party’s nomination for governor. Four candidates participated in a virtual debate on Tuesday night, reports the Patch.

The event, called the “People’s Debate,” offered the hopefuls a chance to discuss their positions on issues such as criminal justice, housing, and the environment.

One topic all candidates were on the same page: ending qualified immunity.

“At Tuesday night’s debate, each of the Democratic candidates for governor said they supported ending qualified immunity for cases of police misconduct,” the Patch observed. 

Recent attempts to reform QI in VA have so far proven unsuccessful. In September 2020, the Virginia General Assembly voted down a measure designed to roll back qualified immunity for police officers. In January 2021, state lawmakers introduced another such bill. However, that bill was also killed in the General Assembly.