D.C. Commission: End QI

The D.C. Police Reform Commission has spoken– it’s time to end qualified immunity (QI).

On April 1, the D.C. Police Reform Commission released a nearly 600-page report. This report, says WDVM DC, “has about 90 recommendations that will transform policing” in the District of Columbia.  

One of the 90 recommendations from the D.C. Commission is ending qualified immunity.

Other recommendations include banning no-knock warrants, removing police from public schools, and having more access to mental health professionals, rather than law enforcement officers, in certain crisis situations. 

As WUSA DC notes, the report concludes that there’s an over-reliance of policing in DC. That, in turn, prevents investment in public safety tools “that would be more effective at revitalizing neighborhoods and preventing harm.”  

“Peace is not made from the barrel of a gun. Peace is not made from the roaring sirens. Peace is not made through more police presence in our communities,” said D.C. Police Reform Commission Member Delonte Gholston, as quoted in WUSA. “That peace actually comes from the community.”

Public hearings on the D.C. Police Reform Commission’s recommendations are forthcoming. CTEQI will continue to follow this story.

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