Mother of Elijah McClain on Qualified Immunity

The mother of Elijah McClain is speaking out about qualified immunity. Sheneen McClain endured devastating heartbreak when her son died in police custody in 2018. Now, she finds strength in her son’s memory. The tragic death of Elijah McClain, along with his powerful memory, have driven police reforms like ending qualified immunity in Colorado and across the country.

McClain is fighting for police reform and against qualified immunity. In an interview featured on Colorado Public Radio, McClain talks with Democratic Rep. Jason Crow about the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. The bill passed the House of Representatives on March 3. 

“I wasn’t even aware of qualified immunity until this all happened,” McClain tells Rep. Crow. She goes on to say, “[Cops] get away with things that normal people aren’t able to, and then they have other people to support them when they’re doing wrong.” 

Read the entire interview with the mother of Elijah McClain here.