Good Cop Clears the Air About QI

Good cop Evan Douglas clears the air about qualified immunity (QI). Specifically, in an op-ed in The Hill. In his piece, Officer Douglas calls out QI. In fact, this good cop believes repealing the rule will benefit both police and the public. Evan Douglas belongs to the Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP). Furthermore, LEAP is one of the Campaign to End Qualified immunity’s coalition members. 

“The reality is that we police don’t need qualified immunity to protect ourselves or the communities we serve,” good cop Evan Douglas writes in The Hill. “There are already adequate safeguards against personal liability in place.”

In addition, Officer Douglas tackles other QI misconceptions. For example, he states that QI will not bankrupt police officers. Rather, abolishing the doctrine “would simply allow more victims or their families to receive restitution.” Simply put, ending qualified immunity will hold bad cops accountable when they violate someone’s constitutional rights. 

And establishing accountability is the biggest reason why ending QI will benefit both police and the public. 

Currently, the lack of accountability drives a wedge between law enforcement and communities. As a result, police can’t do their jobs. As Evan Douglas notes, “a system without trust is an unsafe system for officers and communities alike.” The good cop continues: “Trusting relationships between police and civilians are not just a preference in public safety: they are a requirement.”

Evan Douglas is one of the many good cops who are against QI. As he explains, he took an oath to protect and serve his community. And he takes his oath seriously. He respects the badge and what it represents. Because he values the profession, he wants policing to move forward. And “the best path forward for both law enforcement and the public,” Officer Douglas says, is “ending qualified immunity.”

Read the full op-ed from good cop Evan Douglas here.