Rep. Karen Bass on The View

U.S. Rep. Karen Bass recently appeared on ABC’s The View to look at qualified immunity. The House Democrat came by the popular daytime talk show to speak about police reform. A criminal justice reform advocate, Rep. Bass is a leading sponsor of the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.

On the program, the lawmaker discusses how Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict might have an impact on the legislation. Though the bill passed the U.S. House of Representatives on March 3, it’s currently stalled in the Senate. However, Rep. Bass feels positive it will move forward. She believes Chauvin’s conviction in George Floyd’s murder has made a difference.

The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act is one of the most ambitious police reform packages in recent history. It has a number of big measures. These include banning chokeholds and getting rid of no-knock warrants. 

Another crucial measure? Ending qualified immunity for police officers. 

In fact, Rep. Bass told View co-host Sunny Hostin that ending QI is one of her “top priorities.” She believes abolishing the doctrine will raise the standards of policing.

“Policing should be like any other profession,” Bass said. That’s why enacting police reform and ending QI are so important. Because, like in any profession, change, transparency, and accountability are necessary to keep standards high.

Rep. Karen Bass is one of many prominent individuals speaking out against qualified immunity. Others calling for an end to the doctrine include Van Jones, Killer Mike, Ben and Jerry, and Philonise Floyd, George Floyd’s brother.

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