Killer Mike Wants to End QI

Michael “Killer Mike” Render wants to end qualified immunity (QI). 

Revolt reports how the rapper and activist speaks out against the court-created loophole “widely regarded as one of the most unjustified legal doctrines in American history.”  

The Revolt piece highlights Mike’s recent interview with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin. In the segment, embedded in the article, he discusses police brutality and gun violence in America. “There is something wrong in this country where regular citizens who are empowered by the state are choosing to abuse that power on other citizens,” Mike says. 

Mike believes that the best way to address this abuse is by ending qualified immunity. 

Killer Mike mentions that he has teamed up with another high-profile activist, Ben Cohen, to end QI. As Mike tells Baldwin, ending QI “will allow, finally, officers of the state to be held accountable” for abusing their power. (Ben Cohen is co-founder and co-chair and Killer Mike is a coalition partner of the Campaign to End Qualified Immunity.)

Read the Revolt article and watch Killer Mike on CNN here.