Activist on Ending QI

In a recent op-ed for EBONY,  activist Najee Ali urges action on ending qualified immunity (QI). In her piece, the civil rights activist looks at how, by shielding bad cops from liability, QI has contributed to years of police violence.

From Rodney King to Daunte Wright, Ali notes, police violence has disproportionately affected people of color. And one of the biggest obstacles to racial justice is the lack of accountability from law enforcement.

“Three decades [after Rodney King] not much has improved in holding police officers accountable for killing, shooting, or beating Black people—even with videotape evidence,” she writes. “History keeps repeating itself.”

Ali continues: “I along with many Black Americans have questioned why it is so difficult for police officers to face criminal charges for using excessive or fatal violence against Black civilians.” One of the solutions, Ali states, is “…supporting legislation and public policy proposals that call to end qualified immunity.” 

The activist mentions proposals that would bring us closer to ending QI . She talks about the Ending Qualified Immunity Act and the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. She also brings up the New York City Council’s approval of legislation to end QI in the Big Apple. 

Read activist’s entire op-ed on ending QI here.