New Hampshire Police Department: QI a “Unique Benefit”

A New Hampshire police department (PD) listed qualified immunity (QI) as a “unique benefit” on a job post. A few hours later, the department took down the post. They labeled it “inappropriate.” Nevertheless, the post didn’t escape notice. In a recent article, The Insider reported on the controversial post. And the controversial doctrine. 

The Manchester, New Hampshire, PD created the post with a certain intention. Specifically, to entice recruits. First, the post touted Manchester’s proximity to Boston. Second, it highlighted the city’s access to “great schools” and attractions (the beach, the White Mountains). And finally, “The department offers many opportunities to advance and additional unique benefits including qualified immunity.”

However, this post backfired. The Manchester PD wasn’t pleased. In fact, they were appalled. So, they quickly deleted the post. 

Furthermore, Manchester’s chief of police, Allen Aldenberg, issued a public apology. “Earlier today Manchester Police published a recruitment post that referenced qualified immunity,” Chief Aldenberg wrote. “This post was not the place for the mention of qualified immunity and was not appropriate.”

Earlier this year, New Hampshire Rep. Paul Berch introduced an amendment to Senate Bill 96. This amendment targeted QI in the Granite State. Unfortunately, it did not go through. As The Insider notes “the New Hampshire House was six votes short of passing legislation that would have eliminated qualified immunity.”

QI remains a serious issue, in New Hampshire and nationwide. People want greater accountability. They demand more transparency. And QI prevents bad cops from facing accountability. In fact, most Americans don’t consider qualified immunity a “benefit” at all. Rather, most Americans want to end qualified immunity. It’s no wonder, then, that the Manchester PD was embarrassed by the now-deleted job post. 

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