Campaign To End Qualified Immunity Co-Chairs Ben Cohen And Jerry Greenfield Featured In Upworthy

Upworthy recently published a new piece on the Campaign To End Qualified Immunity featuring Campaign Co-Chairs Ben Cohen And Jerry Greenfield.

As the article explains:

“The Campaign to End Qualified Immunity hopes to raise awareness and educate citizens about qualified immunity, eventually building support for a federal mandate ending the controversial law. The campaign encourages the public to get in touch with their elected representatives and demand the repeal of qualified immunity. It also calls on them to write letters to media outlets to support such a measure.”

In a featured video, Campaign Co-Chair Ben Cohen described qualified immunity as “a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo” and emphasized that the “ruling needs to be overturned.”

Last month a coalition of business leaders, creative artists, athletes, advocates and lawyers launched The Campaign To End Qualified Immunity to end the legal doctrine that protects bad cops when they abuse their power. The Campaign has also partnered with over 240 Members of Congress.

Read the full piece here.