VA NAACP Wants to End QI

The Virginia (VA) NAACP has launched a campaign to end qualified immunity (QI). This effort began after footage of an unprovoked attack on Caron Nazario by two Windsor, VA, police officers went viral.  

“The VA NAACP believes this particular incident should strike enough outrage of Democrats, Republicans, independents alike in Virginia to say enough is enough and we need to hold law enforcement accountable,” said Da’Quan Marcell Love, Executive Director of  the VA NAACP, per NBC 12. 

Windsor police pulled over Nazario, who is Black, on December 5, 2020. The cops stopped him because the license plates were missing from his new S.U.V. Temporary plates were taped inside his rear window. The cops pepper-sprayed Nazario, anyway. The 27-year-old Army medic has now filed a lawsuit against the officers.

As The Hill reports, the VA NAACP is calling on the governor to address qualified immunity head-on. Specifically, they are urging him to convene a special session to help pass HB 2045. This bill aims to repeal QI for bad cops, like the ones who attacked Caron Nozario.

“[W]e believe that now is the time for Governor Ralph Northam to call a special session of the Virginia General Assembly to pass House Bill 2045 sponsored by Delegate Jeff Bourne to finally end qualified immunity,” said Love.

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